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Heart diseases and circulatory diseases are the biggest killer of men and women in the UK. There are many different illnesses that may fall under the remit of a private heart clinic and the ideal treatment will not only depend on the particular ailment that you have but also on how far advanced the problem is and your personal circumstances. One of the key stages in your treatment is to meet with a specialist consultant and have a thorough cardiac investigation.

A private heart clinic can treat blood pressure problems. Blood pressure is, essentially, a measurement of the blood that is being pumped through your body to your heart, brain, and the rest of the your body. In order for the blood to be able to pump effectively throughout the whole of your body there must be an appropriate pressure. Too much pressure can lead to your heart becoming enlarged while too little pressure means that the blood flow to vital organs may be restricted.

High blood pressure is also referred to as hypertension and is a common problem. Symptoms are not always evident but left untreated it can lead to serious problems including heart attacks. High blood pressure may be caused by lifestyle choices. For example, smoking and a salt intake that level that is too high are contributing factors to high blood pressure. One of the first steps in your treatment should be to curb these habits. You may also be prescribed medication to help further control your blood pressure.

Hypotension, or low blood pressure, can be very dangerous too. You will typically feel at least some of the symptoms of low blood pressure, which may include dizziness, fainting fits, a shortness of breath, and chest pain. Cold extremities like hands and feet are also a sign that you may be suffering from hypotension. Treatment will usually be based around the most likely cause of low blood pressure. You may have to change medication that you are taking for another illness or consult with a specialist to help identify the problem and instigate effective treatment techniques.

A private heart clinic can treat various other heart related illnesses. Palpitations are heartbeats that are more pronounced and more noticeable than normal. A palpitation may only last for a few seconds and they are often perfectly normal, but there are some underlying causes for these pronounced heartbeats that may require you to have some form of treatment to control the problem and therefore reduce symptoms. Medication, panic attacks, and various other medical conditions may be the cause.

A Private Heart Clinic can provide you with a thorough cardiac investigation to help identify any heart related problems that you are suffering from. You will be asked about your lifestyle, such as your diet and whether you smoke or drink, and you will have a series of tests that are used to identify not only any condition that you are suffering from, but the causes of this condition and the potential treatment that is most likely to give the best results.

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Using A Private Heart Clinic

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Using A Private Heart Clinic

This article was published on 2013/05/17