Olive Leaf Extract and Blood Pressure - Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract For High Blood Pressure

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There have been many things said about the benefits of olive leaf extract but the recent buzz has revealed a beneficial link between olive leaf extract and blood pressure problems. While there are multiple uses for the extract such as treating infections, symptoms of arthritis and blood sugar regulation, the studies into how it affects heart health has been the most eye opening.

The main benefits of olive leaf extract is support for your heart. Studies have shown that taking the extract can lower high blood pressure as well as lower bad cholesterol (LDL).

High blood pressure is one of the biggest health risks and can lead to heart attacks and strokes. The scary part of this is that most people are unaware they have this condition. It quietly develops as a result of stress, lifestyle and a poor diet. While most people may be aware that their blood pressure can be higher than normal, they only visit their physician every few months. During this time, can get significantly worse and turn into a serious condition.

To treat such a problem like this, doctors will usually prescribe some form of medication to keep it under control. However, many patients want a healthy, natural solution to curb and lower their pressure levels.
In case studies, patients who took olive leaf extract in addition to a regular diet had lowered their pressure from 11-32% over the course of 3 months. Some have seen a drop in their blood pressure as soon as a month of use. But that's just the start.

People with high cholesterol also saw a drop in their bad cholesterol (LDL) levels as much as 10% within 1-2 months of using the supplement. Olive leaf extract is not only for people with existing heart problems; it can also benefit patients who are on the borderline. In another study they compared forty patients with high blood pressure - one half of the group took 500 mg of extract per day while the other half did not. The results were astonishing.

Over the course of 2 months, an average drop of 11 points in blood pressure was reported as well as lowered cholesterol levels. The group which did not take olive leaf saw no improvement.

The use of olive leaf in treating heart health is undeniable if you base the results of these studies. On the other hand, people with low pressure may not be able to benefit from this supplement as the extract may further lower it even further, causing health risks. The benefits of olive leaf extract and blood pressure treatment are there for all to avail of.

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Olive Leaf Extract and Blood Pressure - Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract For High Blood Pressure

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This article was published on 2010/04/02