Hypertension - The Tell Tale Symptoms

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Someone who has high blood pressure is the type of person who is doing too much and pushing their body too hard for too long. This is not surprising when our lives are becoming busier and more stressful. With increasing responsibilities whether, it is bringing up children or working longer hours, more people are suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension than ever before. '
Pushing your yourself to the extremes puts undue pressure on your body in order for it to cope with the extra exertion and stress. In this situation your body draws on more energy and adrenaline to fuel the demands of a hectic lifestyle. The problems arise when the body has used up its capacity and is continually dipping into its reserves as a coping mechanism.
High blood pressure is not the easiest condition to diagnose as the symptoms are not that clear cut. However, the body begins to show that it is under stress by alerting you with a number of signals. These commonly are constipation, an increase in weight and increased levels of cholesterol.
Most people tend to ignore these signals thinking that it is temporary and that they will get over it. They continue on with their hectic lifestyle forever pushing their bodies too far. By dipping further into their reserves the body has to increase the levels of insulin in the blood to fuel the body and the net effect of this raises their blood pressure. Over time the high blood pressure raises the glucose in the blood which, weakens and constricts the blood vessels.
A common characteristic of high blood pressure is anger. You can see this happening a lot these days especially, in traffic jams where you see the enraged drivers beeping their horn or banging their dashboard because either someone has cut them up or the car in front is driving too slow. This and other stresses throughout the day such as work deadlines or looking after naughty kids, puts further stress on the body and exacerbates the high blood pressure.
Another underlying theme of someone who has high blood pressure is worry. This person tends to worry about anything and everything, even the things that we would consider trivial such as what to cook for dinner or the color of shirt they should wear to work. These people even worry about why they are not worrying!
Everyone throughout the day faces challenges however, it is not the challenges that are really important it is how we handle or cope with them. The person who has high blood pressure handles the daily problems of life in a way that is detrimental to their health. Rather than looking at these issues objectively, they perceive things as an affront and react to them angrily. As the stress builds up they tend to use coping mechanisms such as consuming excessive amounts of alcohol, prescription pills and drugs to alleviate the stress however, this creates a vicious cycle by making their high blood pressure worse.

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Hypertension - The Tell Tale Symptoms

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This article was published on 2010/10/20