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The subject of knowing how to lower blood pressure might seem incongruous for some one who has never experienced benign hypertension, also called HTN or its malignant version. There are enough reasons for the disease to be named 'silent killer' - it can strike without any forewarning or without any early signs. According to the current statistics, there are millions who are its victims and it spread includes one in three adults who get affected by it in developed countries.

There is therefore a high probability that someone you know may unknowingly suffer from malignant or benign hypertension. It is a good thing that you are reading this article and understanding ways to lower blood pressure as you can then pass on your knowledge to your loved ones who are the victims of this disease. Medicines would surely be prescribed if a doctor is consulted. It is estimated that up to 50% of patients do not follow this prescription which is a worrying concern especially for severe HTN cases. The goal is not to be on medication the rest of your life and this may have to require change in your lifestyle. Sedentary needs to be exchanged for exercise.

The situation may be this, but it is also a fact that medications belonging to the groups of diuretics, beta blockers, alpha blockers and vasodilators can bring relief and cure. Of course the cost factor and the side effect profiles can not be overlooked. How to lower blood pressure is for these reasons a matter of significance in the lives of malignant and benign hypertension patients. They are looking for natural options which have no side effects and are low on cost.

The best part is that the condition can get manageable with modifications in lifestyle as well as with exercise. The right diet holds the key here and the sufferer must be familiar with what types of foods are good for him and what is not, what amount of liquid he ought to drink and what are the right types of vitamins and minerals and more. While it may be highly controversial, but some recommendations on natural methods seen on the internet, advise you to have chocolates. Sorry, can't see chocolate as healthy resource with all the sugar or bacon and sausage as something to include if you want to lose weight. The negatives outweigh any positive, so sometimes bad is just bad. Juicing and supplementing a meal with a nutrcious smoothie a few times a week has incredible benefits. Not only nourishing also takes care of hunger for a while.

The above are some known methods to treat benign hypertension or malignant HTN. Since there is a very long list of complications involved including stroke, heart attacks and kidney problems, it makes sense if you know all that you can about how to lower blood pressure. To be able to take care of your loved ones, it is good to take early preventive actions so that you have a sound future. Try to take care of hypertension with changes in your diet. Being overweight is a huge burden on your system and the most important, your heart.

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How to Lower Blood Pressure

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This article was published on 2010/03/30